Special Sessions

The following special sessions are offered for APS/URSI 2015. Organizers, please note that typically 10-11 papers are needed for a full-day session and 5-6 papers for a half-day session.

Session Name Type
4D Antenna Arrays: Theory, Techniques and Applications Joint AP-S/URSI
Additive Manufacturing of Antennas and Electromagnetic Structures Joint AP-S/URSI
Advances in the Development of GNSS Antennas and Controlled Radiation Pattern Arrays Joint AP-S/URSI
Antennas and Sensors for Epidermal Electronics Joint AP-S/URSI
Compressive Sensing and Applications in Antennas and Imaging Technologies Joint AP-S/URSI
Exploring Innovative Ways to Revitalize EM Education Globally Joint AP-S/URSI
Fundamental Considerations of Electromagnetic Energy and Interactions: Theory and Applications Joint AP-S/URSI
Innovative Analytical and Numerical Techniques for the Solution of Open EM problems Joint AP-S/URSI
International Collaborations on Next-Generation Radio Astronomical Instrumentation Joint AP-S/URSI
Memorial Session for Julien Perruisseau-Carrier Joint AP-S/URSI
Metatronics: Theory, Methods, and Applications Joint AP-S/URSI
Millimeter-Wave Antenna Arrays for 5G Wireless Handheld Devices Joint AP-S/URSI
Novel Designs and Applications of Wireless Power Transfer Joint AP-S/URSI
Passive and Active Nano-Antennas Joint AP-S/URSI
Power-Efficient, Wearable, and Wireless Biomedical Sensors Joint AP-S/URSI
Special Session to Honour the Career of Prof. P.L.E. Uslenghi Joint AP-S/URSI